Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

Congratulations, dear friends, on another week well done! And I mean that for most of you, primarily excepting those of you in the Russian government. You guys need to cool it with your insatiable thirst for mind control and fear of young females with opinions! Obviously the Pussy Riot situation is beyond abominable and a tragic geopolitical note to ring us into the weekend, but you can register some support via Amnesty International, and you can ease your mind by engaging in the sort of diversionary pastimes that give all of our lives comfort and meaning. Like, Stereogum posts! This was a good week for them. Did you hear the new Mount Eerie song, which is great? Did you catch Grizzly Bear and Santigold on Colbert? Did you hear the Dismemberment Plan’s new (new!) songs? These links do not a free Pussy Riot make, but they can be moments of reprieve for our bruised collective cultural conscience, and silent demonstrations of our solidarity with the forces of GOOD that operate in this world. STAND UP (i.e. sit down and click). Also a force of good, hopefully: Animal Collective’s new album, which will stream in its entirety on Sunday night. Come back around then and we’ll have a comment party.

Now check out all the great and terrible things you posted this week!


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