Oratnitza win World Music Network’s Battle of the Bands edited

World Music Network recently announced the latest winner in their Battle of the Bands, Oratnitza. 

Oratnitza, who are made up of Popa on vocals, Hristiyan on the kaval (end-blown flute) and backing vocals, Horhe on didgeridoo and Buny on percussion, all met whilst busking near the Bulgarian sea a few years ago.  

The band won the World Music Network battle with their unusual fusion of Bulgarian folklore with other music styles. The band’s mission is to reintroduce folk songs to the younger generation by using an inventive and creative take on traditional Bulgarian songs. 

The winning track ‘Mari Mariiko’ is from their album Oratnitza and can be heard here


Keep your eye out for the first World Music Network Battle Of The Bands album, Rough Guide To Undiscovered World, featuring tracks from the competition, which will be released later this summer. 


Original Website: myworldmusicfriends.com/

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